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8-points of contact

Our swim island is the first of its kind, featuring extended feet, and 8-points of contact to help keep your island stationary as student push off. It helps to prevent the island from tipping over even during the most active lessons. It's perfect for swim coaches and instructors who want to ensure the safety of their students and enhance their experience while learning.

Superior Feet

True to our mission of pool floor preservation, our feet are made with flexible polyvinyl carbonate and feature a special concave exterior for superior grip, performance, and durability without leaving any marks on your pool floor. 

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Double bar enclosure

Active Islands provides the ultimate in safety and protection. Our double bar enclosure is engineered to keep kids of all sizes safe during swim lessons, adding an extra layer of security for parents and instructors alike. 


Active Islands are made to be ultra-ventilated so they sink easily when placed in your pool and dry quickly when removed. 

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