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    No jumping on the islands. No diving off the islands. Weight limit 250 lbs. Not a step. For children ages 12 and under. Trapping hazard under the island. Do not allow swimming under the island. Designed for swimming pools with a depth of 3' or more. Designed to be used in swimming pools, not dry land. Use at your own risk.
  • How do I adjust the island for slope in pools?
    Slope will always be a factor. When the back of the island sits deeper than the front, you can add taller footings in the back to compensate for the slope. When pools slope from left to right or right to left, you can add taller footings to the deeper side.
  • Will the rubber footings wear out?
    Over time the flexible PVC footings will wear. Fading of the flexible PVC footing is common but does not affect its performance.
  • Why do you use zip ties instead of rivets to hold the platform?
    Over time rivets break down and allows the platform element to loosen and often requires replacement of the entire island. Zip ties are easily replaceable and available at any local hardware store near you. Using tip ties allows the operator to get the full lifespan of the island.
  • What size zip tie do I use?
    Tensile strength 180 lbs. 18"
  • How do I remove and replace the flexible PVC footings?
    You will need large pliers and a rubber mallet. Do not use glue. The footings will be secure without glue.
  • How do I assemble the islands once they arrive?
    Only assemble on the pool deck as to ensure the island will fit through all necessary doorways. Use the cardboard shipping box for floor protection. Only use a rubber mallet, do not use a hammer. PVC primer and cement is included.
  • How do I store the islands?
    When islands are removed from the pool for storage, long term or temporary, it is best to stand it the same way it sits in the pool and allow as much water as possible to drain out through the specially designed drainage system built into your island. Then store it standing normal.
  • What is the platform height?
    32" from floor to platform.

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